Business Development

Analysing the Business Model

We take a very close look at the sustainability and the commercial success potential of business Ideas, Projects and Enterprises. Our starting point is always the clear definition of the real Value Proposition of any product or service.

Areas of Expertise

- Value Proposition

- Markets & Customers

- Sales Structure & Systems

- Implementation of competitive Business Processes

- Revenue Sources & Pricing Policy

- Partnerships & Alliances

- Evaluation of organic and non-organic Growth Strategies

Excellence in Execution

 Our passion is the successful realisation & implementation of the chosen action plans within a given timeframe. Our research & recommendations are always result-oriented, the agreed-upon time schedules are ambitious & transparent.

Sector Focus

- Telecom, Media & Technology

- Consumer & Healthcare

-  E-Commerce

- CleanTech

- MedTech

- Financial Services

- Investment Management