Sales & Sales Management

"The true value of a Product or Service becomes manifest in the price that customers are willing to pay for a particular Value Proposition. Searching, finding & keeping the right customers and measuring the performance of sales activities are the key to sustainable commercial success."

Customers, Markets & Competitors

SMS Business Solutions is directing the focus of a Business Idea, a Project or an Enterprise on the basis of the defined Value Proposition to relevant Target Markets, Customer Segments & Customers.


One area of our expertise is the international expansion and the developement of new customer segments & markets. We assist our clients to identify the best Sales Channels to reach target customers.


  The implementation of a competitive Sales Structure and adequate CRM-Systems enables measurable success and sustainable customer satisfaction.

Areas of Expertise

- Identification of new customer segments

-   Development of appropriate B2B sales channels

- Concepts for Sales Structure & Systems

- Build-up of operating control systems & KPIs

- Analysis of Target Markets & Competitors

- Key Account Management & CRM

- Search for distribution partners

- Measurement of Customer Satisfaction