Our Approach

"What business are we really in? We define with our clients what the core of their Value Proposition is. Who are the customers that are willing to pay for this proposition? How do we reach these customers? How do we have to organise ourselves to best serve our customers?"

Focus on Value Proposition

Our approach is focusing on the question about the true Value Proposition of a Business Idea,  a Project or an Enterprise. We define value as the features & charcateristics of a product or service for which customers are willing to pay an adequate price.


We analyse global markets & competitors and develop alternative organic and non-organic growth strategies.

We determine & formulate Smart Goals in cooperation with all stakeholders. Smart Goals are are the basis for measurable success.


Customers & Sales

Based on the consent about the true Value Proposition and the goals of a project we develop concrete action plans with regard to markets & customers, the sales organisation, the capital & resource requirements,  process optimisation as well as meaningful partnerships & alliances.


We implement Structures & Systems that make commercial success measurable & real.


If required, we make recommendations for partners in Human Resources and Tax & Legal issues to complete our mission.